6 Ways to reduce your carbon footprint at home

With the world facing climate change, it is imperative for steps to be taken right now to offset this before it’s too late. While world governments are taking steps to curb this and increase sustainable development, it is also essential for each and every one of us to play our part in reducing our carbon footprint.

Here are 6 things you can do at home to reduce your carbon footprint.

Unplug devices when not in use

It is common to leave chargers, toasters, kettles etc. plugged in all the time. However, did you know that this consumes electricity even when it is not in use? So turn off and unplug these devices and appliances to save electricity.

Save electricity wherever possible

Especially true in the summer months, we tend to leave fans and air conditioners on even if we aren’t in the room. This leads to significant wastage especially in large homes, so make it a point to only have them turned on in the rooms you are using.

Invest in solar panels

This can be expensive to install and may not always be feasible depending on where you live. However, solar panels lead to significant savings down the road and will help you not only reduce your carbon footprint but also cut down on you electricity bills.

Always recycle

Even though it can be time consuming, we must ensure that we always recycle any plastics, tin, glass and paper that we would otherwise throw away. Other steps can also be taken to reduce the amount of plastic we use, like reusing the same bags when we go shopping instead of picking up new ones each time.

Save water

It is often said that the next global war will not be about oil but rather water. With water tables falling across the globe, we need to make saving water a priority. There are a number of steps we can take to do this like only washing our cars less often, installing water efficient taps and showerheads, only using the dish washer on alternate days, etc.

Change to efficient light bulbs

While most people would have already done this, we need to change any old light bulbs to energy-efficient LED light bulbs. Not only do these last up to 75% longer but they also significantly reduce your electricity consumption.

While you may feel that these steps will not make a huge impact, it is essential to remember that every little bit helps and the more number of people who do this the greater the effect will be.

5 things your new home must have

Buying a new home is a common dream most of us have. While looking for a new home is undoubtedly exciting, we can often get caught up in that excitement and overlook certain things which could lead to regrets and additional costs later down the road.

Here are 5 things your new home must have.

Adequate storage space

Having enough storage space is one the most essential things in any home, especially for those who like to be organized and keep things out of sight. When looking for a new home always ensure there is enough closet space, storage space in the kitchen and a larger utility room never hurts.

Safety Features

Having your home broken into can be a nightmare, not only in terms of the financial losses but also the stress and fear you feel from it. When looking at potential homes always check the safety features that that have installed. Also ensure you find out what other provisions have been made to ensure your home is secure.

Good Ventilation and Lighting

Always check that the home has a good number of windows. Not only will this lead to an abundance of natural light but also will help you keep cool in summer. Having large French windows in larger rooms is an added bonus.

Energy-efficient appliances

A lot of home nowadays come with certain appliances already installed. Always ensure that you check if these appliances are energy efficient to significantly save on electricity bills down the road. Missing out on this may lead to additional costs of having the appliances replaced.

Multiple Bathrooms

Multiple bathrooms are a must for most families as everyone tends to get ready at the same time. Lack of bathrooms can lead to unnecessary stress leading people to start their day in a bad mood. If you lack bathrooms, always talk to the builder about the possibility of installing an additional one before you buy the home.


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10 reasons you shouldn’t live in Whitefield

Whitefield is a neighbourhood in Bangalore known for it’s tech parks and the many multinational companies that have set up base there. But here are 10 reasons you shouldn’t live in Whitefield

1. There’s too much drama

You will find places like Jagriti theatre where some of the best known plays in the city have been performed.

2. You might get fat

The area is known to have the best restaurants in town with delicious cuisines from all over the world.

3. There’s Rampant alcoholism

Whitefield has the best micro breweries and watering holes in town.

4. The lakes look weird

Come by one of the many places to beat the summer heat and chill in the pool.

5.  It can get loud, sometimes You can almost see, touch and feel the silence.

6. The treadmills are always out of order Slip into your running shoes and have ample outdoor space to meet your fitness goals.

7. The fields are more green than white

Slip into any cross road and find lush greenery everywhere! Including this charming railway station.

8. You’ll go broke

With the best malls housing the most popular international brands in fashion, food and lifestyle.

9. You’d get confused between hospitals and the legislative building There is a lot of importance placed on state of the art hospitals equipped with the latest in medical technology.

10. And finally the traffic!

HELLO! We are talking about Bangalore here.

Withdraw BBMP for a better Whitefield!

Considering Whitefield’s contribution of revenue not just to Karnataka but also to India, it is possibly the worst maintained suburb in the city. The suburb hosts almost all the worlds best known IT Firms. The traffic in and out of Whitefield, at all times, is huge. The roads to cater to this traffic and the infrastructure on the whole is totally inadequate.

A group of concerned citizens, including myself, are part of a group called Whitefield Rising. This group is led by a team of very sincere and committed people who have worked hard to put in place various initiatives to improve the quality of life in Whitefield. Whitefield suffers badly with extremely poor roads and the network of roads is so badly planned that traffic pile ups can stretch for kilometers.

Something needed to be done about this and a team approached the Government and came up with a radical idea that the government could withdraw the Municipal corporation – Bruhut Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike ( BBMP) so that the citizens could run the suburb with the funds it collects. A study shows that Whitefield alone contributes to almost Rs. 26,000 Crores of revenue to the state coffers.

After getting the minister for Bangalore to visit Whitefield and after making a lot of the right noises the state government woke up to the need to improve infrastructure in Whitefield. A sum of Rs. 55 Crore has been allocated to improvement of roads and a few civic amenities in Whitefield. While this sum is totally inadequate considering how much of this money will go to the actual work, it is at least a start.

Government has still not given a date by when work will start but we expect to see ‘boots on the ground’ . However, we expect work to start in the month of March. It is also expected that the state budget will allocate a much larger sum to improve roads and infrastructure in Bangalore. A recent news item spoke about a grand plan to link all the major areas in Bangalore including Whitefield with interconnected arterial roads. All this at a cost of almost 1500 Crores. Hope it fructifies.

Whitefield has grown in leaps and bounds and needs all the help it can get from Government. With the enormous growth in population it will soon be a city by itself.

Image source: http://www.thehindu.com

Top Factors that Affect Appreciation of your Home Value

When buying a home to live in, we are usually influenced by the easily visible factors that would affect our way of life. These might include access to amenities, proximity to schools, workplaces and hospitals and the amount of living space on offer. Whether you are looking for a house to turn into your primary home, or even if it just for the reason of investment, it always useful to consider the following factors that determine the appreciation value of your purchase:

Location: While location is an important factor even when you are planning to live in the purchased house, it becomes even more essential when considering appreciation. Remember that every neighborhood goes through change, and think about what the area would be like in a few years from now. Even if the infrastructure of the surroundings seems basic at present, there is a good chance that it will undergo major changes within a decade. As real estate is usually a long-term investment, do not look for any big value changes within a few months of your purchase.

Image courtesy: Google images

Image courtesy: Google images

Quality of construction: The land that your home stands on is what most contributes to the appreciation of its value, while the structure itself might only add a smaller percentage. You could ensure that you get the most benefit out of the structure if you maintain it regularly so that it remains in good condition. When you have a great quality of construction to begin with, your job becomes much easier. Our VDB Celadon project that has provided its residents close to a 60% appreciation in value since their 2007 purchase is a great example of this!

Upcoming developments in the area: Other than a currently well-developed neighborhood, when a major infrastructure project comes up in the vicinity of your investment, this leads to a major boost in the appreciation. In Bengaluru, a property near an upcoming Metro line would be an example.

At VDB Celadon, we have delivered on our promise of not just a comfortable and premium living space but of giving you true value for your money. The appreciation of 59.48% is the highest among many real estate projects that kicked off in the 2006-2008 period, and the rentals are also at very competitive rates. To know more, contact us at:


Home Buyers: Which Payment Plan Should you choose?

Location, reputation of the builder, budget and many other decision factors need to be taken into account when buying a home. Among the many terms and conditions that we consider when entering into this important process, the payment terms that are offered by the builder might fade into the background. This factor could however, have a major impact on your home loan EMIs, and should definitely be addressed before making your decision. Here are the types of payment plans on offer:

Construction-linked payment: This type of payment is linked to the construction milestones of the project. The builder might set an initial amount of 15-20% of total cost, and expect the remaining amount at future stages of construction.

Time-linked payment: A time-linked plan would provide you a schedule of payment dates and amounts, and would not be linked to the construction milestones at all. Needless to say, this could be a risk in case the builder is not a reputed one as you might encounter unforeseen delays before possession with no way to hold back your payments.

Down payment: In this traditional method, only a small amount such as 5% of costs is kept back and paid at the time of possession. All the remaining is paid to the builder as down payment and scheduled ones within the first few months of the purchase.

Flexi-payment: This could be explained as a combination of the down payment and the construction-linked payment option, with the payment made in 3 parts as initial down payment, at construction milestones, and the final part at possession.

As can be seen from the definitions, the construction-linked plan if used in the right way, could be the ideal method to reduce stress of repayments for the homebuyer. This is because the main portion of the EMIs would start only at the time of possession giving the homebuyer some months of breathing space. This also allows consideration of a home with a higher budget taking into account any salary increases along the way. An additional benefit of this plan would be that the builder would also be more accountable and therefore motivated to reach all milestones on time.

We would like to announce an attractive payment plan for VDB Willow Farm villas and duplexes where you could pay 20% upfront and the remaining 80% at the time of possession! Please note that this is a limited period offer, contact our offices for further details.





Top 5 Reasons to Take Up Cycling

There may be many among us who think that cycling is a great mode of transportation, but hesitate to get into it. There could be many excuses in our minds, but the benefits of cycling really outweigh any concerns we might have. Here are the top reasons that you should consider for you to take up cycling:

Low impact: Most other forms of exercise could cause muscle and joint damage if not done carefully enough. Cycling is a low impact activity that is suitable for people of all ages. Once you’ve placed your feed on those pedals, there’s no looking back!

Eco-friendly: More and more people are taking to cycling after noticing the impact of vehicular pollution on the roads. It would be difficult to think of a more maintenance-free vehicle where you could perform all the required upkeep right at home. If you are worried about the impact of pollution when you are cycling on the roads, there are many good quality masks available for you to wear during your ride.

Many Health benefits: Cycling is a form of exercise that is great for cardiovascular fitness, and the constant movement keeps all your other joints well lubricated as well. With a good sitting posture, you will find that cycling is providing to be an effective exercise for the muscles in your arms and legs.


Beat the Traffic: If you have been a resident of a city like Bangalore for a few years, you would have noticed how the traffic has been constantly building up and increasing travel time from one point to the other. A cycle can take you through shortcuts or even just by the side of the other vehicles to reach your location much faster.

Flexibility of intensity: Whether you’re looking for a gentle form of exercise, or a more intense training program, you can adapt cycling according to your need. It can also take the form of an endurance test if you take part in the longer races or Brevets that are becoming quite popular with cycling groups in the city.

We hope that we have provided enough reasons to convince you, and the next time you walk into a cycling shop you would not walk out empty-handed! At VDB, we believe in encouraging all things eco-friendly. Do watch our Facebook page for details of a cycling event that we would be involved in soon!